ISD 93 - Carlton School District

Portal users must abide by the following guidelines

  • I will not share my username or password with anyone.
  • I will not attempt to harm or destroy my own data, another user's data, nor the school or district networks or the internet.
  • I will not use the Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy laws.
  • If found to be violating any laws, I will be subject to appropriate legal action.
  • I will not access data from any account owned by another user. 
  • If I identify a security problem with the Portal, I will notify the school or district immediately without demonstrating the problem to anyone else. Contact information is below.
  • If identified as a security risk to the Portal or any ISD 318 computers or networks, I will be denied access to the Portal.

Please review the PORTAL ACCOUNT GUIDELINES AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS before signing this document. Only after signing and submitting the agreement below will you receive access to the Portal.

Link to Portal Request Form