2019 ISD 93 School Board and Committees

Regular School Board meetings are the third Monday of the month in the Media Center/Library of the Carlton High School at 7:00 pm.

Front Row: LaRae Lehto, Sam Ojibway, Jennifer Chmielewski Back Row: Tim Hagenah, Sue Karp, Ann Gustafson

LaRae Lehto, School Board Chair
Ann Gustafson, School Board Vice Chair
Susan Karp, School Board Clerk
Timothy Hagenah, School Board Treasurer
Sam Ojibway, School Board Member
Jennifer Chmielewski, School Board Member

Board Committees (alphabetical order):

Finance/Audit Committee - LaRae Lehto, Tim Hagenah, Sue Karp - Alternate:  Ann Gustafson

Policy Committee - LaRae Lehto, Ann Gustafson

Facilities/Transportation Committee - Timothy Hagenah, Ann Gustafson - Alternate: LaRae Lehto

Negotiations Committee - Certified - Timothy Hagenah, LaRae Lehto, Ann Gustafson

Negotiations Committee - Non-certified - Susan Karp, Jennifer Chmielewski, Sam Ojibway

Extracurricular Committee - Tim Hagenah, Jennifer Chmielewski  - Alternate: Sue Karp

Superintendent Evaluation Committee - Jennifer Chmielewski, Ann Gustafson, Timothy Hagenah, Susan Karp, LaRae Lehto, Sam Ojibway


Representatives to District Committees or Outside Organizations:

Community Education Advisory Council – LaRae Lehto - Alternate: Jennifer Chmielewski

Fine Arts Committee - Sam Ojibway - Alternate: LaRae Lehto

Indian Education Parent Council / P.L. 874 Impact Aid - Susan Karp - Alternate 1: Ann Gustafson - Alternate 2:  Tim Hagenah

Minnesota State High School League / Title IX - LaRae Lehto

Relicensure Committee - Susan Karp
District Advisory Committee - Susan Karp - Alternate: Jennifer Chmielewski

Northern Lights Special Education / North Lights Academy Boards - LaRae Lehto

Contact: Geri Thompson