Strategic Plan Being Finalized

Strategic Plan Being Finalized

     The Carlton School Board is continuing to develop a Strategic Plan for the 2018-23 school years.  They received the Community Advisors’ input on August 21st and support the vision statements presented, and are fine tuning the specific wording of the vision and specific strategies the Board and/or administration can implement to fulfill the vision.  The vision statements focus on these broad areas:

     1) Having positive and trusting relationships with the community;

     2) Assuring all students are college or career ready socially, emotionally and academically;

     3) The district is financially healthy;

     4) Students & staff have a physical learning/working environment that is safe, flexible, functional,  appealing, well maintained and is open to the community.  

     One of the messages stated by many community members throughout this process is concern that the Carlton District cannot sustain as a ‘stand alone’ district for the long term because of our enrollment and the facility needs at the middle/high school.  This concern is viewed by many as a potential barrier to each of the vision statements. 

       Therefore, following the recommendation of the Community Advisors, the Carlton Board has asked the Wrenshall School Board to engage in discussions about the possibility of the districts consolidating.  Different than previous attempts at these discussions, the Carlton Board is suggesting that the Boards do this with a neutral facilitator who has experience facilitating individuals or groups with diverse opinions and concerns and assist them in working together to achieve a common goal.   The Carlton Board is awaiting a response from the Wrenshall Board.   The full letter is available here

     We have several committees and volunteer opportunities for interested community members.  Please contact me if you would like to know more information on how you can get involved and get to know our students and district better.  We want your input!  My phone number is 218-384-4225x113 and my email is