Facility Planning Update

Facility Planning Update

It's great to have our students and staff back in classrooms!  We are all looking forward to a great 2017-18 school year!

The School Board continues to work diligently to consider all options to address our facility needs.  On August 28th, the Board explored in detail a list of nine potential options.  Each option was thoroughly discussed, and pros and cons identified.

The outcome of this discussion was to move forward and gather more information on two of the options.  One option is to specifically identify what facility repairs  or improvements at South Terrace and the High School can and cannot be funded without voter approval.  The second option is to beging to explore the possibility of consolidating with Cloquet School District.  

The School Board will meet again Monday, September 11th at 7:00pm in the HS Media Center.  This meeting is a Committee of the Whole and is a time for the Board to discuss information- public comment is not taken.  The primary agenda item will be for the consultants who completed the assessment of our facilities in November 2016-January 2017 to discuss in detail with the Board the priorities that were identified, estimated costs and what form of funding could potentially be used to pay for those repairs and/or improvements. 

The monthly regular meeting of the School Board will be on Monday, September 18th at 7:00pm in the High School Media Center.  Public Comment is part of this agenda.  This is an opportunity for community members to speak to the Board for up to three minutes per person.  The Board does not respond but is most definitely listening and welcomes community input.