Carlton Public Schools was established prior to Feb 2, 1913.  At this time, the current school district was called "District #15" and was combined with Wrenshall.  Thirty-eight years later Carlton consolidated with Sawyer to become "District #2."  Six years after that, our district would be changed once again to be called "Independent School District #93."

The district  serves about 500 students.  The district is proud of its diverse population, four of every twenty-five students comes from a proud American Indian heritage.  Our schools provide support for our 80 students with special education needs, who are able to get more one-to-one education thanks to our unique size.  We are also proud to be able to provide an education, meals, and support for 1/3 of our population who are eligible for free and recuded price meals.

These students are split between two buildings.  South Terrace Elementary caters to our Preschool through Fifth grade students.  Carlton High School houses the middle and high school grades, 6-12.