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Special note:
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! There will be some slight changes to upcoming issues of the
Carlton Community News newspaper. 
Our long time print business, Print Corp., has gone out of business and we have had to switch to a new printing company which has raised our costs of producing the paper.  To still provide a quality paper filled with many school highlights and happenings as well as continuing to bring community events and information to your household on a regular basis we will be consolidating some of our issues.  The following schedule will be followed beginning in January 2019(some exact deadline dates still to be determined): January-February (deadline December 20th), March-April (deadline end of February), May (deadline end of April), June (deadline end of May), September-October (deadline mid August) and November-December (deadline end of October).  There will still be a Carlton Daze issue as well!  Thank you for your continued support of this publication and we look forward to continuing to provide you with beneficial and important information!