2018 ISD 93 School Board and Committees

Regular School Board meetings are the third Monday of the month in the Media Center/Library of the Carlton High School at 7:00 pm.

Front Row: Jennifer Chmielewski, Timothy Hagenah - Back Row: Julianne Emerson, Stephanie Gibson, Susan Karp, LaRae Lehto

Timothy Hagenah, Treasurer
Susan Karp, Director
Jennifer Chmielewski, Director

Board Committees (alphabetical order):

Finance/Audit Committee - Julianne Emerson, Timothy Hagenah, LaRae Lehto

Policy Committee - Julianne Emerson and Stephanie Gibson

Facilities/Transportation Committee - Timothy Hagenah, LaRae Lehto

Negotiations Committee - Certified - Timothy Hagenah, Julianne Emerson, LaRae Lehto 

Negotiations Committee - Non-certified - Stephanie Gibson, Susan Karp, Jennifer Chmielewski

Extracurricular Committee - Susan Karp

Superintendent Evaluation Committee - Jennifer Chmielewski, Julianne Emerson, Stephanie Gibson, Timothy Hagenah, Susan Karp, LaRae Lehto


Representatives to District Committees or Outside Organizations:

Community Education Advisory Council – Jennifer Chmielewski

Fine Arts Committee - Jennifer Chmielewski, LaRae Lehto

Indian Education Parent Council / P.L. 874 Impact Aid - Julianne Emerson, Susan Karp

Minnesota State High School League / Title IX - Julianne Emerson

Relicensure Committee - Susan Karp
District Advisory Committee - Jennifer Chmielewski, Susan Karp

Northern Lights Special Education / North Lights Academy Boards - LaRae Lehto

Contact: Mary Marciniak